New Products for 2017!


With the new(ish) year, we have a whole slew of fresh, new products ready to hit store shelves! If you’re one of our retail partners, or a curious grilling enthusiast, here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be offering in the coming year!

Stainless Smoke Puck – Set of Two

This year, Steven Raichlen knows it’s all about smoking! Grillers love the taste of food that’s been cooked over a live fire, but sometimes those with gas grills miss out on that smoky flavor. Fortunately, it’s easy to add that taste to your food with the use of smoker boxes. These Stainless Smoke Pucks might look small, but they pack a big punch! Wood chips or pellets don’t need to be soaked before use, and the directional vents  on the top of the pucks allow you to aim the smoke directly onto your food. Their small size also comes in handy when it comes to getting them in close to your food, too.


Skewer Express™ Easy Kabob Loader

Kabobs are one of the most popular dishes to throw on the grill. It’s easy to see why – you can create a custom meal with your favorite ingredients all on one skewer! Still, some people think that creating kabobs is too messy and time-consuming. With the Skewer Express™ Easy Kabob Loader, we’ve made kabob prep much, much easier (as the name would imply)! After you’ve chopped your ingredients, place them in the channels in the loading tray. Place the lid on top and press down to hold the pieces in place, then slide the skewer through the guide holes, piercing each bite right through the center. You can then remove the lid and sprinkle on seasoning or marinade (the tray will catch the excess), and use the tray to carry your prepared kabobs right to the grill.


Himalayan Salt Cone with Holder

Salt plate cooking has taken off like a rocket! And no, we haven’t created a salt rocket in response. This conical piece of salt is actually an ingenious rack for cooking chicken. Pre-heat the salt cone on your grill, then place your prepared whole chicken on top of it. The hot cone not only helps to cook the chicken from the inside out, speeding up cooking times, but also imparts that subtle, delicious flavor we all know and love from that beautiful solid pink salt.


Himalayan Salt Brick and Press

Cooking “pressed” or “bricked” meats on the grill is somewhat similar to cooking with the salt cone above, in that you use a second, pre-heated tool to help speed up the cooking process. In this instance, a brick of solid salt is pre-heated and placed on top of your meat, cooking it with the brick’s own heat, plus pressing it down to increase surface contact with the grill. We’ve made salt bricks easy to handle by adding… a handle! The stainless steel rack wraps around your salt brick and gives you a firm grip so you can place and readjust your brick as necessary.


Smoking Grate / Plancha

This cast iron beauty is as versatile as it is powerful! Use just the bottom half as a plancha that’s perfect for searing steaks or other delicate cuts of meat. If you’d prefer to smoke your food, fill the base with wood chips and the included removable liquid reservoir, then place the grill grate on top so your food will cook directly over the smoke and steam. No matter what you cook, and no matter how you cook it, you’ll end up with perfectly-cooked meals every time.

Niki Gross

Niki is the Marketing Communications Manager for The Companion Group. She is responsible for marketing and communications strategies, from advertising to websites. She is a wife, mother, yogi, and lover of cheeseburgers, proper grammar and a strong work ethic!

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