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7 Social Media Tips For Retailers to Rock 2018

Social media definitely fits into the old adage: the only thing that constant is change. If you’re not changing up your strategy and staying on top of current trends, your brand is going to be left behind. Here are our top tips to take advantage of what’s hot in social media for your retail store, […]

Himalayan Salt Plate Press

The Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Block Press

Cooking With A Himalayan Salt Block  The Himalayan Salt Plate Press is a brick of Himalayan salt designed as a press for cooking various meats on the grill. This unique product is similar to the traditional cast iron meat press that is commonly used to press foods to the grill during cooking. Yet, the weight […]


How TCG Closes Out Its 33rd Year In Business!

The year 2017 has come to close and as we move forward into the new year we leave behind many amazing accomplishments. While the main focus of this company is to always be looking forward and embracing an ever-changing marketplace, it is also important that we recognize how far we have come and the great […]

christmas party2

Happy Holidays From The Team At TCG

Happy Holidays from the team here at The Companion Group! There will be no formal blog this week but we will be resuming as usual in the new year. Last week at TCG we had our annual holiday party where the entire company comes together, warehouse crew and all, to have a celebration and of […]