Charcoal Companion New Product Sneak Peek

If there’s one thing we’re constantly doing here at The Companion Group offices, it’s eating. Oh, and innovating, too! We look at where the market’s heading, what our customers and clients are saying, and what we’d personally like to use when cooking at home. We translate that information into ideas, and the result is new products that are unique and useful.

In the spirit of “show season,” we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some new products coming down the pike. Wet your appetite with these three new additions to our Charcoal Companion line; they’ll be available to buyers later this year.

Rounded Smoker Box

Rounded Smoker Box (CC4150)

Our Rounded Smoker Box allows you to use even more wood chips — and add even more flavor — with even more ease! Imbue your foods with flavor and moisture as you grill; simply fill the box with pre-soaked wood chips, place on your grill grate, and get cooking! The smoke and moisture vapor will emerge from the top’s perforations and make your food flavorful and tender. The box’s rounded top allows for even more chips, while the handled sliding drawer makes refills easy.

Crepe Set

Crepe Kit (CC3133)

Enjoy delicate, delicious crepes right from the grill! This complete crepe-making kit gives you the tools you’ll need to cook up crepes of just the right size, thickness and doneness. Simply pour your batter onto your preheated crepe plate, use the spreader to get the batter to your desired size and shape, then give it a flip to crisp up the other side. Serve your crepes with your favorite fillings and toppings. Whether sweet or savory, crepes are perfect for any meal.

Grilled Cheese Basket

Non-Stick Grilled Cheese Basket (CC3132)

Take a family favorite and cook it on the grill or over an open fire! Now you can have delicious grilled cheese sandwiches even when you cook outdoors. This wide, non-stick grilled cheese basket can hold two sandwiches at once. Its flat, perforated steel panels adjust to your sandwich’s height, while simultaneously pressing it for easier eating. Flipping your sandwiches is as foolproof as turning the basket over, and the non-stick coating makes for fast cleanup.

For a more detailed look at all the great products we have for 2016, stop by booth #19026 at the National Hardware Show, May 5-7 in Las Vegas.

Niki Gross

Niki is the Marketing Communications Manager for The Companion Group. She is responsible for marketing and communications strategies, from advertising to websites. She is a wife, mother, yogi, and lover of cheeseburgers, proper grammar and a strong work ethic!

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