The Science Behind Not In My Backyard®

Our newest brand, Not In My Backyard® is a line of all-natural products using proprietary bug-repelling inserts made up of 100% essential oils that help ensure a pleasant and safe outdoor experience for the entire family. NIMBY includes wristbands, clips, zappers, candles and diffusers that are safe and effective for kids and adults. We wanted to say goodbye to harsh chemicals and sticky sprays, and get you back to enjoying the great outdoors. Products available at retailers nationwide Spring 2017. Visit for more information.

We have two types of scented, refillable inserts made from essential oils. The regular last up to 5 days and our Slow Release inserts last for 15 days. The Slow Release uses nanotechnology to prolong the life of the insert.

NIMBY nanotach


You’ve heard of DEET. It’s the active ingredient in many insect repellents, and it comes in a range of sprays and gels applied directly to skin. DEET is the commonly used name for the chemical known as N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (try saying that three times fast) which is classified by the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry as a “halogenated pesticide.”

Even in the early stages of developing a line of insect-repelling products at The Companion Group, we knew we wanted to stay far away from DEET. We did not want to subject anyone to harsh chemicals and sticky pesticides. In our search for just the right all-natural blend, we discovered ingredients from around the globe with insect-repelling powers to rival DEET.


Not in My Backyard® is made from 100% essential oils including Geraniol, derived from the Geranium plant


Geraniol, one of our active ingredients, comes from a familiar plant in backyards and window boxes around the country — the geranium. A researcher at the University of Florida studied geraniol for 15 years and found it effective in protecting people from a range of bugs. Geraniol has a high vapor pressure, giving off vapor into surrounding air and keeping bugs away from a meal on the patio or an evening backyard gathering. We had to try out geraniol for ourselves after finding all the strong research in its favor.


Not in My Backyard® is made from 100% essential oils including Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus plants thrive in more far-flung parts of the world, like Australia, where they’re part of the koala bear diet. A koala bear munching on eucalyptus is a common sight in Australia’s zoos, but lesser known is that the oil derived from eucalyptus is also a powerful deterrent to mosquitoes and other bugs. Eucalyptus oil is even recommended by the Center for Disease Control as just as effective as DEET. Who knew that a snack for marsupials could scare off pesky creatures that well?


Not in My Backyard® is made from 100% essential oils including Lemongrass


Lemongrass is native to Asia and a popular ingredient in many cuisines from that continent. A study published in the journal Phytomedicine also found lemongrass oil was effective against mosquitoes that had been starved for two days; as hungry as they were, the mosquitoes did not want to go anywhere near lemongrass oil. We’ll never look at green curry and other Thai dishes the same way after discovering the superpowers of lemongrass.

We also included citronella in our proprietary blend after learning that researchers at Hebrew University tested it and found it to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. Citronella oil masks scents that attract insects, making it harder for them to find their targets. And we added lavender and peppermint oils which are known for their soothing scent – hard to find in a chemical compound like DEET. More than one of our employees have tried out our Tabletop Diffuser at home and come back the next day excited about the scent.

There’s no need to limit yourself to chemicals the next time you choose a bug repellent. Look up all-natural ingredients on your own – you may be surprised what you find!


Daniel Replogle

Daniel does business development and marketing at The Companion Group. When he isn’t writing you can find him rock climbing or doing ceramic artwork.