Pizza Baking Kit For Gas Grills


This baking stone and steel lid set will transform your gas grill into a pizza-making machine. The cordierite stone absorbs and radiates heat to bake a crispy, evenly-cooked crust. The steel lid traps and reflects heat down onto the top of your cooking pie so that your toppings are done at the same time as your crust. Ventilation holes in the lid allow moisture to escape so pizzas are never soggy. This kit comes with a folding pizza peel with a comfort grip handle, making it a breeze to transport pizzas to the oven and to retrieve them when they’re finished cooking.

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Hi Guys! I’m Nick Wellhausen, Head Chef for Pizzacraft, and today I’ve got a really great product to show you. This is the Pizzaque, Pizza Baking Kit for Gas Grills. Right out of the box, this kit has everything you need to make fresh, delicious pizza on your gas grill.

We’ve got the stainless steel hood, with porcelain coating. It’s perforated at the top to allow moisture to escape, while at the same time reflecting heat back down at the top of your pizza. We’ve also got a 12 inch pizza stone, and a metal folding pizza peel.

The kit is super easy to set up. Simply put the stone down, and put the hood over the top. Close the grill, and preheat will all the burners. The kit takes about 30 minutes to preheat and cooks a pizza in about 5 minutes.

Our pizza is cooked and it looks delicious! For more tips, tricks, and product videos be sure to check out out YouTube channel.


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