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Cooking Clams on a Seafood Rack

Seafood on the Grill

If you’ve already read our previous blog regarding fish on the grill, you’ve already discovered that grilled seafood can be hard to perfect. From oddly-shaped shellfish to sticky salmon skin, there can be a few obstacles when it comes to seafood on the grill. The solution is in knowing what techniques and which grill tools […]

Charcoal Companion Potato People for the Grill

Grillin’ Spuds: Your Guide to Potatoes on the Grill

Potatoes make a great side dish for nearly any dinner menu. Along with being cheap, filling, and relatively easy to cook, potatoes are also a pretty versatile vegetable. Potato side dishes come in a wide array of flavors, textures, and styles which makes them hard to get tired of. One of my personal favorite ways […]

Bike to Work Day 2015

The Companion Group Bikes to Work!

Berkeley citizens are known for being both health and eco-conscious, and it’s never more apparent than on Bike To Work Day! Bike lanes, usually already populated by men, women, and children pedaling away, became even busier this past May 14th. Some of The Companion Group’s own were there too, hitting the streets on two wheels! […]

Smoke N' Fire

Partner Spotlight: Smoke ‘n’ Fire Bar-B-Que & Fireplace

Our relationships with our retail partners, especially independently-owned stores, are the most important things about our business. In our blog, we’d like to spotlight some of the people who make doing business a pleasure! For our very first installment, we’re featuring Joan and Jim Cattey of Smoke ‘n’ Fire® Bar-B-Que and Fireplace. Smoke ‘n’ Fire Bar-B-Que […]