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The Companion Group’s Summer 2017 Barbecue!

Last Friday, The Companion Group celebrated another wonderful summer with what we do best: a barbecue! Luckily, the weather cooperated with us (this week has been much hotter) so we all had a great time. Our office and warehouse staff gathered together to share food and drinks, compete in our annual “Wood Chip Relay,” and […]

Avocado, Egg, Potato & Bacon Bowl

The Bacon Bowl

People are crazy about bacon these days. Bacon is found in everything, from salads to potato chip flavorings and even chocolate. When a type of food takes off like bacon did, you end up seeing many creative (and sometimes over-the-top) ways of cooking or eating it. I’ve seen bacon wrapped steaks, scallops, tater tots, and […]

Cooking Clams on a Seafood Rack

Seafood on the Grill

If you’ve already read our previous blog regarding fish on the grill, you’ve already discovered that grilled seafood can be hard to perfect. From oddly-shaped shellfish to sticky salmon skin, there can be a few obstacles when it comes to seafood on the grill. The solution is in knowing what techniques and which grill tools […]

Charcoal Companion: Flame-Friendly Ceramic Grillware

Description Get the benefits of cooking with high heat without the weight or maintenance of cast iron! The Flame-Friendly™ series of grilling accessories conduct high, evenly-distributed heat to cook your food, but are lightweight and easy to clean. Eco-friendly, fireproof, and thermal shock-resistant up to 700ºF, they are a perfect for your grill. For more […]