Cleaning & Maintaining Your Grill

In my opinion, cleaning up is always the least fun part of grilling – especially after slaving over the perfect meal to please your guests. Sticky sauces, vegetables that slip through the grill grates, and cooking oils can all build up over time and are tough to remove or add foul flavors to your food.

Despite these unfortunate truths, cleaning your grill on a regular basis will help minimize the amount of effort needed to get the job done. A little bit of elbow grease after each grill session will also reduce how many times you’ll have to deep clean your grill each year. Today we’ll shed some light on a few tools we designed to help with cleaning & maintaining your grill.

The Monster Grill Brush

Perhaps the simplest and most widely-used tool for grill cleaning is the grill brush. While there are plenty of brush designs of all shapes and sizes, there’s only one grill brush that should be in your cleaning kit: the Monster Grill Brush®.

The Monster Grill Brush is a superior grill brush for a few important reasons. First, this tool features an interchangeable brush head with several different bristle styles. Not only can you replace the bristles as they wear down, but you can also choose from two different bristle patterns based on what works best for your particular grill. The brush was designed to accommodate the new-style spiral wound brush bristles or the classic straight bristles.

Second, the brush features a long handle with a hand guard for protection and an added patented grip on the backside of the bristle head for extreme leverage. The Monster Grill Brush combines both of these features to tackle even the dirtiest of grill grates.

CC4046 Dual Handle Monster Brush® - Product on White

CC4046 Dual Handle
Monster Brush®
Product on White

Plastic Wire Brush

Cleaning your grill grates is a fairly simple task, but what about underneath the grates? Sometimes hard to reach spots can end up out of range for standard brushes. We’ve created a short handled brush with a brushed stainless steel scraping tip that’s perfect for tight spaces. Often the interior of a grill, below the grates, can be the dirtiest. Excessive buildup can even lead to a grease fire in extreme cases. Pick up our simple wire brush and keep the fire department out of your backyard this year.

CC4106 Wire Brush - Product on White

CC4106 Wire Brush
Product on White

Spray & Grill Non-Stick Grilling Spray

One of the best practices for cleaning and maintaining your grill is actually keeping it as clean as possible while cooking. Our Spray & Grill™ Non-Stick Grilling Spray helps you with this practice by preventing food from sticking to the grill. Even foods that are the most prone to sticking to the grill like fish, proteins with skin, or heavily marinated items can’t get past our specially formulated non-stick blend. Best of all, this spray is safe to spray over flames and can be used on grill accessories as well. Not to mention the spray is calorie, cholesterol, fat and sodium free!

CC4104 Spray & Grill™ - Product on White

CC4104 Spray & Grill™
Product on White

Stainless Steel Grillware Scrubbers

All of the tools combined do a great job of keeping your grill super clean, but what about grill tools themselves? Eventually your spatulas, tongs, grill grids and other accessories will be in need of some maintenance. These stainless steel grillware scrubbers are perfect for even the most soot and grease covered tools of the trade. These durable scrubbers can also be used to clean your grill grates, once it’s cooled off of course! Pick up a pair today and realize just how easy it is to get your grill tools looking like new again.

CC4105 Grillware Scrubbers - Product on White

CC4105 Grillware Scrubbers
Product on White

Daniel Replogle

Daniel does business development and marketing at The Companion Group. When he isn’t writing you can find him rock climbing or doing ceramic artwork.