Sear & Grill Plancha

Earlier this year we announced the arrival of our Turkey Infusion Roaster, a product that provides a fantastic new way to cook turkey on the grill. Our passion for innovation and product recognition continues with another product that’s sure to become a hit: the Sear & Grill Plancha.

Charcoal Companion Sear  & Grill Plancha

How Does the Sear & Grill Plancha Work?

The Sear & Grill Plancha features a slotted cast-iron plate in the center for heavy-duty searing power, with an elevated stainless steel frame surface for quicker-cooking ingredients. The process is simple and works great with charcoal or gas grills. Just preheat your grill with the plancha directly over the fire and you’re ready to cook. Place more delicate items like vegetables on the cast-iron plate for a quick sear then move them to the frame. Next, place your cut(s) of meat onto the plancha sear plate and let them sizzle to charred perfection.

The plancha portion of this product detaches from the frame, allowing for direct control of each cooking zone. Need more searing power? No problem, simply remove the plancha from the frame and give it some extra time preheating. Since it’s made from durable cast-iron, it can be placed directly into the fire or left over the blazing heat of a gas sear burner to achieve ultimate searing power. Replace the sear plate back into the frame and you’re good to go.

Why Do I Need it?

The Sear & Grill Plancha is a versatile product that combines the cooking power of two popular grill tools that makes grilling your entire meal super simple – you only need a single tool, even with ingredients that have different cooking times. Using only one item to cook with makes for a much smaller mess to clean when the family is finished with dinner. Think of it as a “one pot meal” solution for your grill.

For example, the Sear & Grill Plancha is the perfect tool to host cook with on fajita night. The sear plate “plancha” portion puts a nice char on meats and veggies, while the elevated frame keeps tender ingredients from over-cooking. Pick up a Charcoal Companion tortilla press and make your own tortillas from scratch. Fresh, hot, homemade tortillas are easy on the wallet and will impress any foodie in your family. If fajitas aren’t your thing, a few quick ingredient substitutions can turn fajita night into taco night.

Fajitas on the Sear & Grill Plancha


The Sear & Grill Plancha is an ideal companion for grilled Philly cheesesteaks: smaller cuts of steaks served with grilled vegetable, stir fry or any other dish that calls for heavy duty searing.

Where Can I Get a Sear & Grill Plancha?

Like most of our other products, the Sear & Grill Plancha can be found at many specialty kitchen retailers or online.

Daniel Replogle

Daniel does business development and marketing at The Companion Group. When he isn’t writing you can find him rock climbing or doing ceramic artwork.